We are proud to announce that we are now partnered with Exalate.

Exalate is the only cross-company integration solution with distributed architecture. It ensures complete control for each side: there is no master instance, which controls the synchronization process; you decide what information to send, to receive, and how to display it. Exalate is also very flexible due to the built-in scripting engine. With Exalate, you can set up an integration between Jira, GitHub, Zendesk, ServiceNow, Azure DevOps, HP QC/ALM & more.

Why it matters to our customer ?

In the fast growing technology space, everything is moving to cloud. There is also no one system for all your solutions. That’s why our customers need to connect between various systems. Be it an on-premise system to cloud or cloud to cloud connections, it’s always brings challenges.

When none can say it will be challenge free 100% of the time to be honest. So ?? At least we can reduce that challenge and impact to the business. That’s where Exalate comes into picture.

Exalate is installed as a dedicated app on each system. It has two types of implementation path.

1. No-Code Mode

  • Drag-n-drop interface for a seamless, no-code set up in minutes
  • Customize your synchronization rules from one side of the connection

2. Scripting Mode

  • Groovy-based scripting engine for ultimate flexibility
  • Customize your sync-rules from each side separately for complete autonomous control

Easy 4 step process will give you more confidence and more control over your integrations.

Install , connect , customize and synchronize

Want to try out the solution or have an integration project ? Talk to us and see how the team at APPSInvent Inc. can help !