The Appsinvent team has successfully implemented a solution which is very interesting and a bit complex. We at Appsinvent are always up for challenges, as that’s what keeps us growing. The more and more complex problems we will solve the more and more the team will grow and will be able to help our customers. So we are always looking for some tricky problems from our customers. If you have something interesting, please contact us, and we are sure to help you out in some ways.

The Case

Here the requirement was to store a conversation between their agent and customer in Text format. It’s easier to look at a text sometime, than hearing out the audio file.

The Work

Our team did a research about it and finally took help of Watson API from IBM. IBM Watson voice API was used for this using bluemix platform. The recorded conversation as a audio file was sent to Watson for recognition. Watson processed the file and sent the text back to the caller. The response was sent in JSON format and the team parsed the JSON to store the text in Salesforce records.

Watson Speech to Text API recognises multiple voices as well and can return the text based on the users. So that we can identify who said what. The API’s are growing and solving complex problems and making life more easy.

If you have similar requirement, please connect with our team and we should be able to provide solutions to you.