The Appsinvent we thrive to deliver our customers the best possible solutions for the given challenges. Use cases are presented from time to time on our website to show case what our team is capable of or what we already have delivered to other customers.

This use case is about Community implementation.

The Case

One of our financial client wanted to share some support data with their customers. So, that end users can see their information and connect with other users as well. There can be few other ways to do it, but our recommendation based on various deciding factor was Salesforce Customer Community. One of the main deciding factor was time to implement this. Let’s see how the team worked on this.

The Work

Salesforce community is a very versatile and can be implemented quicker than other technologies. We do not have to test the usual features, as it’s used and tested by various larger organizations over the period of many years.

So team built the lightning components to support the needed featured in community and configured the Customer Community users to be able to login to the portal and have the below features :

  • Login to see all their current and previous Cases/Issues/Incidents
  • Connect with other users in the community
  • Ask their queries in the community to get answer from other users across the country
  • Download their engagement details
  • Follow users and interact with them
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