Salesforce is the #1 CRM on cloud and DocuSign is #1 e-Signature system. Both are the best in their domains. There are many use cases where DocuSign is used with Salesforce or other CRM systems. But here we will talk about one use case where we have an quick and simple integration between these two systems.

The Case

The company we deal with is into Financial lending process. They have a lot of paper works and wanted to keep everything stream lined as much as possible. Also visibility of the details to the team is a key factor. Every one in the system should have a clear knowledge of each customer of their.

The Work

The solution here was to install the DocuSign package from AppExchange and install it on the Salesforce org. It brings in many things already kind of out of the box, such as there will be few buttons and layouts you can enable on your objects. In this case, we were using the Case object, so we added the Generate PDF button, which will just create a contract Document as PDF , whenever the case is supposed to be closed. Also Added have added a visulforce page which shows all the status of the document such as received by customer, signed by customer etc.

There can be more to it. We can also have used API integration to customize some of the flow and automate few steps.

If you have any requirement as such please talk to us and we should be able to help you on that.

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